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This always seems to cause much confusion amongst web-based business owners. They often seem to think that it is complicated and this probably deters some from including it in their marketing and sales strategies.

There are any ways through which you may set up an affiliate program. Most will cost you some money but these will be minimal when compared with the extra revenue a properly run affiliate program will bring in the long run.

This blog post will go through some of the available options for any prospective web site owner who is serious about having an affiliate program.

1. Do it yourself

Unless you are an expert coder then this is not option for you. Even if you were pretty handy at coding there is the possibility that the script may contain bugs which will hamper the progress of a successful affiliate program

2. Purchase affiliate tracking software

This is a far more popular method than the first option that I have mentioned. There are companies that have written affiliate tracking software and they are ready to be installed into your website. The developers of the software have tested this software and it also has stood the test of the webmasters themselves.

Affiliate tracking software is available from such companies as iDevDirect L.L.C, Omnistar Interactive and Interneka. They all provide very good software. Subscribe to this blog and I will provide a detailed review of each software solution.

3. Register your business with an affiliate network

This is an alternative route to the previously mentioned methods. This route involves registering with an affiliate network such as Commission Junction or ClickBank. You specify the percentage of each sale that should be credited to your affiliate and also give the affiliate network your details and the URL of your main website etc. etc.

The affiliate network then handles your affiliates and enforces your terms and conditions for you.

The affiliate network typically requires a fee per sale also.


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